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Released: 02/06/2020

We're excited to cut a large release.

Among some of the many patches, VM's can now be started in parallel. (Images should be pulled beforehand) The ignite ssh and ignite exec commands now share a native go implementation. We've added the ignite cp command along with improved CLI UX through filtering, templating, and examples. You can now also create and run VM's imperatively using YAML files with the --config flags.

Performance and stability improvements in VM and network lifecycle should make using ignite more pleasant, and the various bugfixes allow newer versions of Ubuntu to start functioning.

Lastly, we're announcing initial support for ARM devices. Our docker images for ignite-kernels as well os our OS images for Ubuntu and kubeadm now ship with a manifest list and {}-arm64 tag. We've pushed a fresh set of kernel and OS images to dockerhub to support this. Check out our new guide for ARM -- try it out on your ARM server or RaspberryPi and let us know how it works for you.

It was difficult to condense all of that! This release consists of 57 noteworthy PR's from 13 contributors. 27 of these patches were sent by 8 external contributors -- thanks so much for using and contributing back to the project!

As a special note, Sunny(@darkowlzz)) from the @StorageOS team has joined in as a maintainer. Thanks for all of your help, Sunny.

Cheers to everyone who was part of shipping this release: - @bbros-dev - @chanwit - @croomes - @darkowlzz - @dholbach - @gpauloski - @kobayashi - @luxas - @michaelbeaumont - @najeal - @palemtnrider - @PaulGrandperrin - @stealthybox


Kernel Improvements

Bug Fixes



  • Workaround firecracker-go-sdk go.mod issue using new commit (#582, @stealthybox)
  • Bump QEMU version to v4.2, Alpine to 3.11 and fix a bug (#579, @luxas)
  • Upgrade to Go 1.14 (#576, @luxas)