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Released: 13/07/2020

The first patch release in the v0.7.X series pulls in an important fix for the long-standing networking issues in Ignite, with #638 merged you should be able to seamlessly integrate with different CNI providers and implement multi-node networking with Ignite VMs.

v0.7.1 also brings improvements to the GitOps functionality courtesy of @luxas and link checking improvements by @dholbach. Thanks!


  • Shadow the bogus /etc/resolv.conf of centos:8 to fix wksctl (#611, @twelho)
  • Rename the gitops-toolkit dependency to libgitops (#612, @twelho)
  • Use the new knownhosts package in fluxcd/toolkit (#617, @luxas)
  • Use the new libgitops GitDirectory implementation (#615, @luxas)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix CNI networking issues (MAC duplication + bridge ageing) (#638, @twelho)