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Released: 11/9/2020

We're happy to share that ignite can now be generally configured with a central config file. Check out the docs for how to configure ignite here.

Using this new config, it's no longer necessary to remember to pass --runtime and --network-plugin with every command. You can choose your own default behavior.

Working with individual VM's is now also much less error-prone. This release includes a new API version, v1alpha3, which allows VM's to remember their runtime and network config.

There's no current tooling for migrating to the new VM API for live workloads. However, older API objects are forwards compatible, and restarting the workload should upgrade the API on disk. As always, taking any necessary backups and re-creating workloads is the safest upgrade path :)

As is tradition, we have fixed bugs: networking bugs, lifecycle bugs, little UX things -- check the list.

It's now possible to run ignite within nested container environements such as containerd-within-docker and WSL2. Detailed documentation for containerized setups will graduate from issue comments to the latest docs site soon.

It's really notable that our e2e test suite is getting more complete! It's great to work with a project where confidence improves with every new patch, haha!

Alongside this release, we've updated all of the base OS images with new release tools powered by GitHub Actions. We're not shipping any new kernels, so the default is the same as before -- new kernels will be pushed in an upcoming release.

This release consists of 52 noteworthy PR's from 10 contributors. 37 of these patches were sent by 6 external contributors. 7 patches were sent by 5 people new to the project; welcome! :) Thanks so much for using and contributing back to the project.

Cheers to everyone who was part of shipping this release: - @darkowlzz - @dholbach - @gabeio - @innobead - @Khalian - @leakingtapan - @luxas - @networkop - @stealthybox - @twelho


Check out the guide here:

OCI Images for this release

ignite ( sandbox )

ignite-amazonlinux 2
ignite-centos 7, 8
ignite-opensuse tumbleweed, leap
ignite-ubuntu [multi-arch] 16.04, 18.04, 20.04
ignite-kubeadm [multi-arch] v1.18.3



  • Update ignite help, image and kernel to no longer require root (#676, Khalian)
  • Build kernel from a specific git tag (#725, darkowlzz)
  • Shadow the bogus /etc/resolv.conf of centos:8 to fix wksctl (#611, twelho)
  • Make runtime and network-plugin VM create flags (#669, darkowlzz)
  • Fix in-container device nodes for containerd runtime (#653, stealthybox)
  • Exec blkid to getUUID() instead of relying on udevd symlinks (#652, stealthybox)
  • Configure dmsetup to fallback to managing device nodes without udevd (#654, stealthybox)


Bug Fixes

API Changes



Release Infra


  • Use the new libgitops GitDirectory implementation (#615, luxas)
  • Use the new knownhosts package in fluxcd/toolkit (#617, luxas)
  • Rename the gitops-toolkit dependency to libgitops (#612, twelho)