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Released: 4/12/2021

This release allows changing the internal id prefixes of VM components. This overcomes limitations /w CNI's like Weave net. A U/X improvement has been made to the VM list command to show when the container runtime state of the VM does not match what ignite has stored in the API objet.

New base OS images and kernels have been released with the GitHub Actions release tools. A k3s OS image is now pushed for amd64. The default kernel has been updated to 5.4.108.

This release consists of 37 noteworthy PR's from 6 contributors. 11 of these patches were sent by 3 external contributors. 11 patches were sent by 3 people new to the project; welcome! :) Thanks so much for using and contributing back to the project.

Cheers to everyone who was part of shipping this release: - @bboreham - @darkowlzz - @EmeraldShift - @gaby - @onatm - @stealthybox


Check out the guide here:

OCI Images for this release

ignite ( sandbox )

ignite-kernel:4.14.227 [multi-arch] ignite-kernel:4.19.183 [multi-arch] ignite-kernel:5.4.108 [multi-arch] ( default ) ignite-kernel:5.10.25 [multi-arch]

ignite-amazonlinux 2
ignite-centos 7, 8
ignite-opensuse tumbleweed, leap
ignite-ubuntu [multi-arch] 16.04, 18.04, 20.04
ignite-kubeadm [multi-arch] v1.18.3
ignite-k3s v1.20.4



  • Change the log level in RemoveContainer to debug (#812, darkowlzz)
  • runtime: Get containerd container task status (#779, darkowlzz)
  • Fix containerd cont delete when task load or delete fails (#791, stealthybox)
  • Avoid race between stop/kill and wait (#773, bboreham)

Bug Fixes

  • runtime: Handle error when container not found (#809, darkowlzz)
  • Handle error when the backend storage is uninitialized (#807, darkowlzz)
  • ps: Handle error when the backend storage is uninitialized (#778, darkowlzz)
  • Use declarative port mappings and copy files values when CLI flags are empty (#796, onatm)
  • Fix vm stop-start with default providers (#735, darkowlzz)
  • Avoid crash when network has no gateway (#749, bboreham)
  • Refactor: extract TarExtract function (#762, bboreham)


OS Images


  • Support for Linux LTS kernel 5.10.x (#804, gaby)
  • Upgrade kernel versions (#798, gaby)
  • Bump default kernel to 5.4.102 (#806, gaby)
  • Bump Kernel versions. Bump default kernel version to 5.4.108 (#811, gaby)
  • Bump Kernel Versions for #811 (#815, stealthybox)