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Ignite cp

ignite cp

Copy files/folders between a running vm and the local filesystem


Copy a file between host and a running VM. Creates an SFTP connection to the running VM using the private key created for it during generation, and transfers files between the host and VM. If no private key was created or wanting to use a different identity file, use the identity file flag (-i, --identity) to override the used identity file.

Example usage: $ ignite cp localfile.txt my-vm:remotefile.txt $ ignite cp my-vm:remotefile.txt localfile.txt

ignite cp <source> <dest> [flags]


  -h, --help              help for cp
  -i, --identity string   Override the vm's default identity file
      --timeout uint32    Timeout waiting for connection in seconds (default 30)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --ignite-config string   Ignite configuration path; refer to the 'Ignite Configuration' docs for more details
      --log-level loglevel     Specify the loglevel for the program (default info)
  -q, --quiet                  The quiet mode allows for machine-parsable output by printing only IDs


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