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Ignite Configuration

Ignite supports global configuration to set the defaults for most of its configurations. This is defined by the API object Configuration. By default, ignite looks for the configuration file in /etc/ignite/config.yaml. It can also be passed explicitly to the cli using the global flag --ignite-config with path to the configuration file.

Example configuration:

kind: Configuration
  name: test-config
  runtime: containerd
  networkPlugin: cni
    memory: 2GB
    diskSize: 3GB
    cpus: 2

This configures ignite to use 2 vCPUs, 2 GB of RAM and 3 GB of disk space with containerd as the runtime and CNI as the network plugin by default. Any configuration user provides, in the form of VM config file or flags, overrides these default configurations.

To check the configuration used by ignite, set the log level to debug.

Ignite using a global configuration file:

$ ignite run weaveworks/ignite-ubuntu --name my-vm --log-level=debug
DEBU[0000] Found default ignite configuration file /etc/ignite/config.yaml
DEBU[0000] Using ignite configuration file /etc/ignite/config.yaml

Ignite using internal defaults:

$ ignite run weaveworks/ignite-ubuntu --name my-vm --log-level=debug
DEBU[0000] Using ignite default configurations

Ignite using explicit configuration:

$ ignite run weaveworks/ignite-ubuntu --name my-vm --ignite-config /tmp/ignite-config.yaml --log-level debug 
DEBU[0000] Using ignite configuration file /tmp/ignite-config.yaml

The full reference format for the Configuration kind is as follows:

kind: VM
  # Required, the name of the configuration.
  name: [string]
  # Optional, name of the runtime to use. [containerd or docker].
  runtime: [string]
  # Optional, name of the network plugin to use. [cni or docker-bridge].
  networkPlugin: [string]
  # Optional, default configuration of VM, VM.Spec.
    memory: [size]
    cpus: [uint64]
  # Optional, directory containing the container registry configuration.
  registryConfigDir: [string]

You can find the full API reference for Configuration kind in the pkg/apis/ subfolder of the project.